Sun Paradise Mono Slide

The perfect connection between
indoor and outdoor living.

MONOSLIDE uniquely combines functionality and flexibility: unlimited opening,
even around posts and corners for optimal living comfort.

Why Mono Slide?

This thermally broken, highly insulated system makes it possible to move aside a technically unlimited number of wings and store them in a stacking area.


Unique design

Monoslide is unique in operation, its ability to work around corners sets it apart from the competition.


Unlimited number of wings

Whatever your opening, the sashes meet the same high standards and comply with all European regulations, so you can rest assured that you are buying from a reputable manufacturer of high quality systems.


Smooth operation

You can experience the quality in the smooth operation of the system, which comfortably accommodates any angle between 90 and 270 degrees of your design.

All door panels run smoothly over one
minimalist, single rail.

MONO 300 8
MONO 300 9

Recessed floor rail ensures complete
accessibility for everyone.

Each element can be moved to individually
any position in the opening.

Sunparadise Monoslide60 3 1

Watch the videos of Monoslide in action

Monoslide on the yard

Monoslide use

Monoslide Praque

Sunparadise Monoslide 80 z shaped track

SUN PARADISE Mono Slide 80

4 year old toddler easily uses the Monoslide.

Any opening length is possible with
infinite number of door wings.

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Wilderer Print 9

Multiple angles possible in each
opening without the need of
system corner posts.

Internal or external parking options.



How does the installation of the product go?

The installation process is handled by our professional partners. You cannot assemble the products yourself.

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How are the sliding glass windows repaired?

Aluminum is a durable product that will last a long time due to its coating and shape. Only accessories such as wheels, handles or locks may require maintenance. We assist our partners in helping their customers.

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Why should we choose aluminum sliding windows?

It is well known that aluminum windows and doors help you save energy through their insulating effect.

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How do you hang curtains on the Monoslide?

Our system moves on a single rail. Curtains are not stuck in the system. You can hang your curtains however you like.

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How do you attach the wheels to a wing?

Our wheels are protected against corrosion and therefore last longer. Any need for repair will be handled by our team.

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Will corrosion and decay appear in the system after a certain period of time?

Aluminum is a material that is resistant to corrosion and does not decay.

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